Friday, December 27, 2013

we humans do not need (if ever you ask me)

we humans do not need 
   (if ever you ask me) 
more sustained dialogue, 
   more voicing of opinions, 
more inclusive debates, 
   more elaborate theories, 
overturning of dogmas, 
   and shifting of paradigms – 

as much as we need 
   to let our heart 
be inhabited by silence, 
   a quiet and simple awareness 
of things as they are, 
   as they manifest,
beyond words, simply
   in their being present to us –

a silence wherein 
   we can see, and listen, 
and only listen, 
   without having to answer, 
assent or disagree. 
   simply to listen 
to the silence of life 
   that needs no words to be. 

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