Tuesday, December 17, 2013


What Would I Say?
A selection of the most poetic phrases randomly generated from my past Facebook posts on the internet app what-would-i-say.com.

Unfortunately, posts can’t be used as a transcendent Reality.

Since ancient times, no one else bought you a shaft of sunlight.

Actually, I entirely fill the heart, the heart is astonishing.

I want to own you, attain five hundred years of experience when 

I contemplate the tongues of atoms.

A certain dervish asked him to delete everything.

Each veil between men would never be freed by many worlds.

I forsake the trivial seduction of possibility as an ocean of dusty library shelves.

How simple the orchids, the dust mixed with the material world becomes a noble mercy of proportion with generosities beyond art.

I want you to stir, of thoughtful trees. And send waves of a reed to you now.

Love is the public service because Jesus endured his mountain of gold.

She took a postprandial walk through the forms of their errors.

Iron kills a star in a very poignant way.

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