Monday, December 29, 2014

Shamsuddin Hafiz, Ghazal 152

An exhalation of Your Beauty
   shone forth in pre-eternity;
then Love manifested itself,
   and set the whole world on fire.
Your Face appeared; the Angel
   saw it, but was without love.
Moved by jealousy, he caught fire
   and struck Adam’s heart.
From that flame, reason lit its lamp;
   a bolt of jealousy flashed
   and threw the world into chaos.
The pretentious one sought
   to witness the Mystery unveiled;
the hand of the Unseen came
   and struck the undeserving heart.
Others won a favorable destiny
   and a life of plenty;
my woeful heart received
   for its part the sorrow of love.
My exalted soul yearned
   for a glimpse of Your Chin;
my hand reached up and stroked
   the curls of Your Hair.
Hafiz wrote The Book of Your Love’s Joy
   on the day he cut off all ties
   that bring gladness to the heart.

[my translation]

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