Saturday, March 22, 2014

I will not ask to see or know You

I will not ask
   to see or know You.
I will not seek
   to hold or own You;
but my soul
   will turn to Your face,
my heart heavy
   with love’s sorrow.
I will not try
   to escape from You.
I will bow down
   in Your sunlight,
and at Your feet
   I will melt like snow.
I will stay still,
   I will be silent.
Then my heart
   will well up,
as pain becomes in me
   a raging storm.
I will let out
   heaves of sighs,
as tears of joy
   pearl from my eyes.
I will yearn to be Yours.
   I will long to be light.
I will give You my life,
   and I will die.
Then, in my nothingness,
   You will appear;
Your wondrous presence
   smiling brightly
in the clear mirror
   You have made
to behold Yourself in me.

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