Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Fall of Iblīs

‘I am better than him,’ [Iblīs] said. ‘You created me from fire
and You created him from clay’ (Qur’an 38:76).

Iblīs’ pride was concealed in his worship of the Exalted; but the command to honour Adam, whom Iblīs saw as lower than himself, brought it to light. Even the proud can honour the Exalted, since worship is a relation, and through relation with the Exalted a worshipper may hope to partake in exaltation. It is easy to honour what is higher than oneself. But to regard a being whose nature or state is lower than one’s own as worthy of honour, and to honour this being as worthier than oneself, that is the test of true humility.

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